Hey, I am Yusuf who as an iOS Developer, works at Quickbird Studios in Munich, Germany. Since 2017, I have been coding iOS with high passion without shutting down my MacBook in a month ever(fortunately it has SSD). On GitHub , I am trying to share open-source frameworks that might help the community(just kidding, to improve my reputation). Sometimes it doesn’t work like that easy since I have a full-time job(can’t spare time because of PUBG). Because sharing is good, publishing articles on Medium is one of the jobs for me(I’ve heard Medium pays for each article). I struggle with NodeJS as a hobbyist to discover unknown sides(to make find mistakes of the back-end developers). Besides iOS development passion, I love football, fitness, and cars more than some people(who don’t realize 1 extra space on the code review). Oh, last but almost the most important, I am glad to help new iOS developers who don’t see their roadmap exactly. If you are one of them, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment on the Superpeer for a quick video call.